Please notice: This information is from the IFTS in 2016

The Symposium will return in 2017 in Lancaster.
We will update this site with the latest information on exhibitors, tyers, casters and other attractions as soon as it is available.

At the 2016 show you will be able to meet the following exhibitors:

Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders
Authors Booth
Badger Creek Fly Tying
Catskill Fly Tyers Guild
Central Jersey Trout Unlimited
Classic fly Fisherman
Collins Hackle Farm
Eastern Waters
Enrico Puglisi
Keough Hackles
Mainline Fly Tyers
Patridge of Redditch
Petitjean Fishing Equipment
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing
Ridge and Valley T.U.
Rip Lips Fishing
South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers
The Angling Bookstore
Whitewater Flies